combined heat and power

The concept of combined heat and power (CHP) is utilised effectively in various applications such as Healthcare, Data centres, Commercial and public buildings, Residential sectors, office buildings, Airports, hotels, aquatic centres etc. It offers various benefits which include VAM cooling, hot water generation and Steam generation for commercial applications through natural gas based CHP generator systems.


Healthcares & Hospitals

Data Centres & Telecommunications

Commercial & Public Buildings

Residential & Utilities

Office Buildings



Aquatic Centres

MTU OE has been awarded for achieving the highest cogeneration conversion efficiency in India by Falcon Media in 2011”.

Benefits of our Natural Gas CHPs:

Stable Supply of Electrical Power

Tri-generation of electricity, heating & cooling

Financial Savings on fuel costs (heat & electricity)

Lowest CO2 Emission through high efficiencies and decentralization

Our gas-powered cogeneration systems provide a flexible combination of heat and power (CHP) from a single source. Using proven technology, our systems provide up to 40% reductions in primary energy usage, and feature reduced emissions and low lifecycle costs. Using an absorption chiller, the CHP system can transfer heat into ambient cooling, which can then, for example, provide air conditioning to an office complex throughout the entire year.