Enerzea power solution has provided the finest solution for gas and solar-based solution, which are customised and optimised according to the needs and requirement of the client from various sectors.

Natural Gas Power Solution

Natural gas fuelled Co-generation systems and module are technologically advanced solutions with high levels of combined heat and power efficiency. It is the most sustainable and clean energy system used for all applications, for the most diverse needs..…

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Biogas Power Solution:

Biogas – is gas produced by means of anaerobic fermentation of biomass. Biomass decomposition is made by methanogenic bacterium. Gas composition is methane 50%-65%, 25%-45% CO2, and some admixtures.…

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Solar Power Solution

Enerzea, with its commitment in green energy, provides complete solar power plant solution using PV technology. With a renowned application engineering expertise and wide spread supply chain advantage, Enerzea is fully equipped to handle KW to MW scale solar power projects in India.…

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