Small Capacity. Great efficiency.


Enerzea produces the best range of small engines with comprehensive R&D designs that are manufactured autogenously. It gives the flexibility to induce various special specifications and customization. The Natural gas generator supplier uses the natural gas which is pumped out of the ground using hydraulic fracturing and drilling process to drive the Gensets. This helps to generate maximum power which can effectively meet the power needs of residential and commercial sectors. The Natural gas generator supplier utilizes an enhanced technological solution clubbed with combined heat and power efficiency that helps to provide uninterrupted power supply to various industries.

Co-generation units and tri-generation units with

  • The Standard lean-burn engines operate with NOx production of 500 mg/m3
  • The lean-burn engines could be customized to operate with NOx production of 250 mg/m3
  • The Stoichiometric engines are designed for emission requirement for NOx down to 50 mg/m3

The advantages of the Natural Gas Gensets are:

  • It has highly reliable and best quality engines.
  • It can be easily maintained and can work for a longer duration without complaints.
  • It consumes less oil and fuel and hence it is economical in operation.
Basic information:
  • Displacement 11,946 dm3, water cooled
  • Four-stroke six-cylinder in-line engine
  • Atmospheric or turbocharged

Natural Gas lean burn engines

Motor type

Mech. Capacity in kWe at 1,500 rpm

Mech. Efficiency at 100% load

Elec. Capacity in kWe at 1,500 rpm

CO/NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2

ETG 80 G5V NX 86




650 / 500
ETG 100 G5V TX 86110.439104650 / 500
ETG 125 G5V TX 86132.438.3125650 / 500
ETG 160 G5V TW 86173.239.8164650 / 500
ETG 180 G5V TW 86192.941182650 / 500
ETG 200 G5V TW 86 212.741201650 / 500