With the expert support from the MTU Onsite Energy (Daimler-Benz & Rolls-Royce plc.), Germany clubbed with our deep knowledge and experience, we provide exquisite service in a reliable gas generator for various applications for any industries and at any locations for constant power. We customize and configure gas generators for any special requirement of power generations.

Some of the prominent features are:

  •  The Sliding gear starter 24V, 2 x 9 kWe.
  • It has a flexible coupling, interconnecting bell housing, and a provision for service opening so that the rubber element can be easily replaced without displacing engine co-generator.
  • The Gas supply through venturi air-gas mixer with electronically controlled gas metering valve.
  • The Components of the gas regulation line has been approved as per the Directive for Gas Components 90/356/EWG
  • The Electronic high-voltage capacitor has ignition system which has one ignition coil per cylinder.
  • The Electronic speed governor for the speed and power output is controlled with automatic knocking control.
  • Oil sump, removable without lifting the engine
  • All products are tested to meet the common industrial quality standards
  • Highest overall efficiency in its power range (up to 91.9%)
  • The products are crafted with sophisticated compact designs to optimise available space
  • The Factory was tested with comprehensive performance evaluation
  • The Gensets has single cylinder heads with four-valve technology and selective knock control
  • It has a very high power density
Natural Gas Genset 232 kWe to 10,000 kWe
  • Genset Model

  • GR 232 N5
  • GR 357 N5
  • GR 386 N5
  • GB 776 N5
  • GB 1169 N5
  • GB 1560 N5
  • GB 1948 N5
  • Electrical O/P

  • 232 kWe
  • 357 kWe
  • 386 kWe
  • 776 kWe
  • 1169 kWe
  • 1560 kWe
  • 1948 kWe