LPG Engines produce a standard output operated with 100% propane gas. Although it is recommended to operate the machine on pure propane, it is possible to operate engines on propane–butane mixtures down to 40% propane. To operate on propane –butane mixture maximum engine power must be de-rated as specified in the datasheet of the particular engine model.

Genset Model

Mech. Capacity in kWe at 1,500 rpm

Mech. Efficiency at 100% load

Elec. Capacity in kWe

CO/NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2

ETP 84 G5V NX 86




650 / 500
ETP 135 G5V TX 8614436.7135650 / 500
ETP 145 G5V TW 86158.936.7149650 / 500