Gas Turbine | Enerzea

Based on the turnkey process, Enerzea successfully executes combined cycle and cogeneration gas-based power projects. The Gas Turbine supplier portfolio provides competitive, efficient and flexible products from 5 MWe to 100 MWe of power. The gas turbine supplier implements a simple technique to generate electricity. A mixture of air and fuel is heated which ultimately rotates the blades of the turbine. The rotation drives the generator which helps to convert the energy into electricity.

The gas turbine suppliers use CHP configuration to generate gas, which assures of producing an outcome that excels in performance and efficiency. The energy conversion obtained in the process is highly cost effective. Enerzea has been effectively able to provide high-quality heavy duty generators from best manufacturers across the global market.

Custom Build Solutions:

Although we source the core components for our projects from international manufacturers, In order to support our customers with the optimum solution, the  Gas Turbine supplier provides most applicable components available for each particular project from the local content aid, instead of depending on one particular manufacturer for the construction. This reduces time delay in procuring raw materials and ensures that the work gets progressed as per the plan.