The Biogas generation was incepted to enable a sustainable development of energy supply and to control green gas emission. The Biogas could be obtained from anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste, landfills, sewage treatment plant etc. The anaerobic digester produces gas, which is composed mainly of methane (50%-60%), CO2 (25%-45%) and other admixtures.  The gas obtained in the process is used to drive the gas engines in biogas Gensets for power generation. The power generated by the BioGas Generator Supplier is sent to a power grid or used to support operations in all common types of Biogas such as digester gas, Landfill Gas, Wastewater treatment gas etc.

The BioGas generator supplier provides energy solutions to various industries based on their requisite. Depending on their need, the BioGas generator suppliers suggest the optimum solution and the number of Gensets required in meeting their energy demands. Enerzea supports engines in a standard configuration that could be operated on fuels with concentration down to 40% methane & with special accessories even down to 30% methane.

Biogas lean burn small engines

Genset Model

Mech. Capacity in kWe at 1,500 rpm

Mech. Efficiency at 100% load

Elec. Capacity in kWe at 1,500 rpm

CO/NOx (mg/Nm3) at 5% O2

ETB 80 G5V NX 86




650 / 500
ETB 105 G5V TX 86112.538.5100650 / 500
ETB 120 G5V TX 86130.438.8125650 / 500
ETB 165 G5V TW 86175.939.8160650 / 500
ETB 180 G5V TW 86191.340.9180650 / 500
ETB 200 G5V TW 8621341200650 / 500