Importance of BioGas Genset

The BioGas Genset engines are run on fuels with variable methane content. It guarantees optimum combustion with variable gas qualities, thereby preventing engine damage. It has an effective cooling system that integrates with the existing heating system. It has the highest efficiency in power range (up to 91%) and the sophisticated compact design has helped in increasing the available space.

The BioGas Genset is tested for quality and performance and is optimized to meet the industrial standards. It has single cylinder heads with four-valve technology and selective knock control. The continuous effort for improvisation and effort to the product quality product have sustained our commendable service for 35 years.

Biogas lean burn large engines:

  • Genset Model
  • GB 370 B5

  • GB 772 B5
  • GB 1169 B5
  • GB 1560 B5
  • GB 1948 B5
  • Electrical O/P
  • 370 kWe

  • 772 kWe
  • 1169 kWe
  • 1560 kWe
  • 1948 kWe