Enerzea generators use biogas and natural gas to drive the gas engines. The gas engines ranging from 70 kW to 10,000 kW are used in various sectors. Enerzea adopts economical, reliable, customized solutions for individual applications and requirements.

  • What benefits these products add to your project?

    High operation economy achieved by combination of

    • Competitive output parameters
    • Long maintenance intervals
    • Fair spare parts pricing
    • Easy maintenance
    • Long durability
    • Large modularity of configurations

To ensure optimum operation, we offer control system technology which helps in monitoring the engine and the overall system operation.

  • System Highlights

    • It is controlled through RPS.
    • The industrial PC and touch screen can be used for operation and visual display.
    • The functional processes and controls can be viewed through a visual display.
    • The inter-operation of multi-module plants can be achieved through Ethernet.
    • It can effectively master control systems.
    • There are wide varieties of interface protocols such as Ethernet, Profibus DP, 3964R, Modbus RTU.
    • It logs fault and status messages in the database and can keep record up to 6 months of data.
    • It has optional remote diagnosis via ISDN
    • It has optional integration of SMS/e-mail client.