HoST collaborates with Enerzea to aid Futurustic Biogas Generation

HoST  has joined hands with Enerzea Power Solution Pvt Ltd to offer state-of-the-art biogas upgradation  systems for Indian market. While Host is one of the leading brands, engaged into delivering comprehensive, intelligent and innovative system solutions for biomethanization ,  its Indian counterpart  Enerzea is well established name. Professionally managed Enerzea has vast experience in the field of biogas and natural gas based power solutions.

HoST links up with Enerzea to support Futuristic technologies in Biogas

Based in Netherlands , HoST is one of the leading suppliers of bioenergy systems in Europe. They imbibe futuristic technology and strategy to develop biogas generation equipment which exhibits outstanding outcome. They provide anaerobic digesters for industrial and agricultural usage, biogas upgrading systems  for various industrial purposes.

With synchronizing the expertise, the two companies are eying a huge share in Indian biogas upgradation market. This association has made Enerzea a powerful contender in Biogas generation in India as it could blend advanced technology to effectually support different sectors .

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