How does landfill gas affect the environment?

A landfill site dumped of garbage contains waste produced from residential and other sectors. If it is not handled properly, it not only emanates harmful gases and bad odor, but also causes fire and health hazards. When the solid waste in the landfill site decomposes, it releases landfill gas, which is a complex mix of gases. It consists of 50% methane, 42% carbon dioxide, 7% nitrogen and 1% of oxygen compounds.

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and poses a serious threat because it is flammable and potentially explosive.  Carbon dioxide is also a greenhouse gas, which traps the heat in the atmosphere, leading to severe climatic change.

landfill gas

Effective utilization of landfill gas can be a useful source of energy

If the landfill gas is properly managed then it can be a source of useful energy satisfying the power and gas needs of various sectors.  The gases from the landfill are usually brought about due to the anaerobic digestion by microbes. LFG or the landfill gas is a natural byproduct of the decomposition of organic materials present in the landfill.

Therefore, it should be used in a sensible way instead of escaping it into the atmosphere. The LFG is extracted from landfills using wells and blower systems.  The collected gas is processed and handled according to its usage. It can be used for power generation or used as a fuel in the vehicles.

Enerzea utilizes landfill gas to generate electricity to satisfy power needs of various sectors

Enerzea, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly energy generating Equipment Company is offering the solutions for using the landfill gas to generate electricity. Apart from being a financial benefit, it has other advantages such as:

Enerzea  It drastically reduces the odor released from landfill sites.

Fire and explosion hazards are completely prevented .      Enerzea


Enerzea   The escape of harmful gas into the atmosphere is avoided.


The landfill site could also be re-cultivated quickly.     Enerzea

A Satisfied Customer Is The Best Strategy Of All

As Sam Walton has rightly said that “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary”.

Therefore every product and service industry must render satisfactory service to their client’s requirement, be it little or large. It is in valuing their needs that help in establishing a long-standing relationship of trust and loyalty with the clients. Enerzea, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly energy Equipment Company believes on this philosophy and ensures to provide the parity of attention and service to every customer’s requisite. They follow a unique methodology for post sales services and project management for all their projects.

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Enerzea’s strategy for project management

For every project, that is, it may be the sales of a single engine or a complete green-field turnkey scheme, Enerzea deputes a dedicated project manager to complete the task. He takes responsibility for every process starting from designing, installation, commissioning till the delivery of the project. The project manager ensures that every process follows the standard guidelines and makes sure that all project installation and contractual matters are managed to the specification and executed on time.

Enerzea also provides an enhanced operation and maintenance contract with the help of their in-house skilled and trained technicians. They can examine any equipment placed Onsite or in the service centers. Enerzea also provides repair and overhaul contracts and also effectually handles day-to-day operations so that the output is achieved as desired.

By performing regular maintenance service, they ensure that their equipment exhibits the same level of performance, continuously. They also undertake Annual Maintenance contracts ensuring that the overall operation proceeds smoothly. By offering O & M services as well as remote monitoring, Enerzea ensures that the generators excel in performance and output.

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Enerzea follows a unique methodology in implementing client’s requisite

Enerzea’s Pre Sales Services

Enerzea, a leading eco-friendly power generating Equipment Company provides an optimum power solution to the client ensuring that they achieve maximum performance and also saves cost on electricity. To implement such a comprehensive power solution, Enerzea follows a pre-implementation planning process to achieve the desired outcome.

Pre-sales service feasibilty and proposal engineering by enerzea

They follow two-step planning processes such as the feasibility study and proposal engineering.

1) Feasibility study:

Enerzea begins their process with an onsite visit. They study the client requirement thoroughly and offer an optimized solution which would satisfy the client requirement completely from all aspects. They prepare a feasibility study detailing the return on investment. They ensure to find the viability of the solution which is economical and beneficial for the clients.

2) Proposal Engineering:

After feasibility study, Enerzea provides a cost-effective and detailed techno commercial proposal to the client. They provide innovative application solutions such as co-generation and trigeneration scheme which help customer to reduce on their operation cost considerably .

By coordinating with the top team management, they finalize the proposed design and ensure that the client enjoys the best outcome and experience gain and growth with Enerzea’s power solution. They make sure that the client experiences the optimum performances at the existing power plants and also provide design consultation for those plants which are still in the planning stages.

Enerzea with its comprehensive planning process has satisfied client’s requirement maximally. It is their strong dedication and passion towards providing cost-effective, eco-friendly power solution that has made them one of the best companies for supporting power generation for various industrial needs.

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